Add interactivity to your task lists

The Handy Tasks feature is an augmentation for Confluence (you don't need to add any macros). It allows you to view the progress on tasks, filter them and quickly add new tasks to the list without opening the editor. Handy Tasks feature automatically works with existing lists that contain two or more tasks.

Task List:

  •  Mary Nilson  Check compatibility of Smart Attachments add-on with JIRA 7.2.1. 
  •  Andrey Smirnov  Call the representative of Atlassian and discuss the blog post. 
  •  Mary Nilson Prepare the documentation for TeamCity Integration for Confluence add-on. 
  •   Paul Zurov Review the atlassian-confluence.log file with the developer. 

    Error rendering macro 'handy-reminder'


  •  Paul Zurov  Review the user agreement prepared by the customer. 
  •   Mary Nilson Brainstorm potential features for Smart Attachments add-on.
  •  Andrey Smirnov Register for the webinar 'Business Analysis: Best Practices'

Try other features

Take advantage of the other macros bundled within Handy Macros app. Click any of the buttons below to check out their capabilities.

Handy Status demo

Handy Reminder demo

Handy Cards demo

Handy Tip demo

Handy Carousel demo

Handy Button demo

Handy Page Diff demo

Handy Tasks demo

Handy Date demo

Handy Timestamp demo

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