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Once a quiz is shared with participants, they receive an email notification with a quiz link and can follow that link to take a quiz.

When logged-in Confluence users click the 'Take quiz' button on a page for self-enrollment, they are redirected to a quiz right away.

Refer to Documentation to learn more about taking a quiz.

Sample Quizzes 

Below are three quizzes that we created as samples for you. 

Click the link in 'Quiz Name' to view a quiz as a quiz creator. Press the 'Take quiz' button to take a quiz and see it as a participant.

Quiz NameNoteAction
April Fool's Day

This quiz includes True/False questions.

Participant's answers are checked automatically.

Rio-2016 Olympics Quiz

This quiz includes True/False, Single Choice and Multiple Choice questions.

Participant's answers are checked automatically.

Solar System

This quiz includes Single Choice, Multiple Choice and Free Text questions.

Answers to free text questions can't be checked automatically.

A participant will know the result once an answer to a free text question is reviewed and marked as correct or wrong.

Ask us if you have any questions. 

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