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Calculate the average, minimum and maximum rating in each group:

  1. Select the value Group in the Row labels input.
  2. Leave the Column labels input empty.
  3. Remove the value Group and select the value Average rating in the Calculated column input.
  4. Select the value Average in the Operation type input.
  5. Add the value Max in the Operation type input.
  6. Add the value Min in the Operation type input.
  7. Click the  icon and Save changes.

80 %

Training table

Student's progress sheet

Oops, it seems that you need to place a table or a macro generating a table within the Pivot Table macro.

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StudentGroupAverage ratingAdmission to the exam
Diana LyndonGroup 17(minus)
Quin RichGroup 35(minus)
Clint PamilaGroup 28(plus)
Andy AsiaGroup 14(minus)
Primula LinnieGroup 39(plus)
Leith EireannGroup 26(minus)
Mary SaxonGroup 18(plus)
Robina CletisGroup 35(minus)
Allyn ArloGroup 110(plus)
Dave BertieGroup 39(plus)
Matty LowellGroup 210(plus)
Sheridan AnselmGroup 26(minus)
Kemp EmmetGroup 28(plus)
Sarah MillyGroup 19(plus)
Anna KassyGroup 27(minus)

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