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With InPlace Editor you can quickly and easily edit any part of page divided by headings. Sectional editing will save a plenty of your time and efforts.


InPlace Editor provides you with powerful capabilities to edit any page section in your Confluence. With this plug-in installed, you can forever solve one of the most discussed problems of Confluence - lack of "sectional editing" ( CONF-5913 "Sectional Editing").

This plugin doesn't require any revision or preparation of your pages -- just install, turn it on for necessary spaces and let's rock! (smile)

Take advantage of Confluence InPlace Editor key features:

  • Quickly edit any section divided by headings. While editing the whole page, you waste much time on scrolling up and down, this plug-in allows you to concentrate more on text editing rather than searching for the appropriate paragraph.
  • Enable plug-in only for certain spaces. Do you want to enable plug-in only for particular spaces? It's possible, just in one click.
  • Any user can temporarily disable InPlace Editor. It's useful if you are going to print, copy or take a screenshot of page, so no additional icons will be visible.
  • Simultaneously edit the same page with easy conflict resolution. If another user edits the same fragment at the same time you have an opportunity to resolve this conflict with no problems.
  • Support of standard Confluence editor. You needn't learn how to use any other editor, just edit the appropriate page parts with the standard visual editor.
  • Configure plug-in only for appropriate heading levels. You can instantly select the appropriate heading levels, which the plug-in should be enabled for.

InPlace Editor demo pages

Please view our page-by-page tutorial to see InPlace Editor in action.

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