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InPlace Editor divides Confluence pages into parts by headings placed on them. If there is some text before the first heading, InPlace Editor treats it as an extra part without heading. Just like the paragraph you're reading now.

Edit Icons

  • InPlace Editor places the EDIT icons to the right of each heading (and above the text piece without heading at the very top of the page). You can easily notice these icons near each heading on this page.
  • Just click the EDIT icon for the appropriate heading and the editor with text of only this part will be immediately opened.

So Many Parts

When you page is rather large and is comprised of numerous headings, it takes much time to locate the appropriate text snippet when navigating through the page. With this plug-in you just need to click the corresponding EDIT link and make the appropriate modifications for this part.

So no tedious browsing will distract you from working with the necessary paragraph on the page.

Hit Where You Want

Besides the ICON edit, each part with heading gets a highlighted area which becomes visible once you hover over it. So if you are in a hurry you needn't point to the EDIT icon, just click the highlighted area and get this part ready for editing.



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