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Viewing Answers

When viewing participant's answers, you can see:

  • which questions were answered correctly and wrong
  • which questions were not answered
  • what answers a participant choose to each question

On this page:

Refer to Documentation to learn more about viewing participant's results.

To view the detailed results of a particular participant, you need to:

  • Go to the quiz page (e.g. the April Fool's Day quiz page)

  • In the Quiz Results section on the very bottom of the page, find the record of the participant whose answers you need to view
  • Click  in the 'Result' cell
  • View answers question-by-question

Reviewing Answers

Answers to single choice, multiple choice and true/false questions are checked automatically. Answers to free text questions need to be reviewed by a quiz author. 

Refer to Documentation to learn more about reviewing answers to free text questions.

To see how reviewing answers works:

  1. Take a sample quiz with a free text question by clicking the 'Take Quiz' button 
  2. Make sure you are logged in as a Guest

  3. Go to the Solar System Quiz quiz page

  4. Find your record in the ‘Quiz Report’ table
  5. Click  in the 'Result' cell
  6. Review and mark your answer to a free text question

  7. See your quiz result

Ask us if you have any questions. 

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