Course participants can be Confluence users and groups or external participants without an account in Confluence.

There are two options for participants to get enrolled to a course:

  • either a course author needs to enroll them 

  • or, a course author can let participants self-enroll on Learning page

On this page:

Enroll to a Course

To enroll a participant to a course, you need to click the Enroll participants button on a course administration page and enter participants you want to assign a course to.

Refer to Documentation to learn more about enrolling to a course. 

Once you enroll someone to a course, they will get an email with a course link.

Try it

You can try enrolling yourself to a course. To do that:

  1. Go to a sample course
  2. Press Enroll participants button
  3. Enter your email address in Participants
  4. You will receive a course link to your email. (warning) To take a course, open that link in an incognito mode or another browser. You will not be able to view a course as a Guest user.


A course author can also let participants self-enroll to courses. There is Learning page in Confluence header, where users can see a list of courses for self-enrollment.

Refer to Documentation to learn more about self-enrollment options. 

To have a course display on Learning page, a course creator needs to enable a setting on a course administration page Settings>Show in global catalog.

What to do next?

Once your course goes live and participants start taking it, you can track their results on a course administration page. Click the button below to learn more about it.

Next step

To learn more about taking a course, go to Take Course

Ask us if you have any questions. 

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