One-Time Reminders

Life is so fast! There are so many tasks you should do from day to day... You should always keep in mind something important. How to deal with them? There are a lot of ways to solve this problem, but there is a simple way to track tasks and events in Confluence. All you need is the Handy Reminder macro from Handy Macros for Confluence.

DateHow does it work?

28 Jan

One-time reminder

10 Feb

One-time reminder that has already triggered

Periodic Reminders

But what if your task repeats every year? No problem, just create a periodic reminder!

DateHow does it work?

5 May

Remind once a year

25 Jun

Remind once a month

25 Sep 

Remind each work day

16 Oct 

Remind once a week, but stop reminding 16 Oct 2021

25 Dec

Temporarily disabled reminder

Group Reminders

Need to remind your colleagues of something? It's very simple - just add individual users and groups as recipients. Click the reminder icon below and try to add "reminders" group to the list of recipients.

Try other features

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