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 Create quality content more productively using Confluence Talk Plugin in close collaboration with your colleagues!

Confluence "out of the box" has no convenient way to discuss any part of page. Standard comment system is not handy when discussing a few things on the same page at the same time. Also attempts to use any macroses and special markup to organize discussions inside page body require you to be attentive and take a lot of your time.

Confluence Talk Plugin provides nice and easy way for inline discussions.

Typical workflow

Add first comment of discussion at any page point with special macro


Please add Talk-macro below.

Reply to existing discussions without entering Edit mode

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Replies can be plain-text or use wiki-markup

Try to type something like *bold* or _italic_ in reply.

Edit or delete inappropriate comments

Try to edit or delete comments.

Receive email notifications about new replies and discussions

No mail notifications are configured at this Sandbox. But they can see the example

Resolve and hide discussions which came to the end

When discusson is come to the end, click "Resolve" and it will disappear from page.


Please visit Talk plugin site for more information