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Handy Timestamp

Handy Timestamp allows you to insert a current date and time on the page. These values are read-only, so they can be used for tracking different activities, for example for tracking software versions deployed to the staging server. Feel free to add a new Handy Timestamp macro on the page!

Staging software versions


08/04/2016 03:05 PM


08/02/2016 04:04 PM


08/02/2016 03:34 PM

ca985097095 (v1.3.2)

<== Insert Handy Timestamp here!

05/17/2016 01:15 PM

43f8d939dba (v1.3.0)

05/03/2016 10:34 AM

0b20db5ab54 (v1.3.0)

04/26/2016 12:46 PM

d8845543f02 (v1.3.0)

Handy Date

Handy Date is an augmentation for Confluence that allows you to update the dates without opening Confluence editor. Just click the date stamp and pick a new date!

ComponentProduction date
Handy Status

 <== Click it!

Handy Page Diff


Handy Date


Try other features

Take advantage of the other macros bundled within Handy Macros add-on. Click any of the buttons below to check out their capabilities.

Handy Status demo

Handy Page Diff demo

Handy Reminder demo

Handy Carousel demo

Handy Button demo

Handy Timestamp and Handy Date demo

Try add-on free!

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