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Making our apps Data Center approved

We at StiltSoft Stiltsoft have already four apps approved for usage with Atlassian Data Center applications. Here they are:

  • Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket – app to visualize and analyze performance of individual developers and evolvement of project repositories over time.
  • Table Filter and , Charts & Spreadsheets for Confluence – app to manage table data, filter data against multiple criteria, aggregate it in pivot tables, and visualize this data with all sorts of charts and graphs.
  • Smart Attachments for Jira – app to organize retention of attachments in dedicated categories within issues, set access restrictions, and run automated operations or file validations during workflow transitions.
  • Handy Macros for Confluence – a set of tools and augmentations to simplify real-time interactions with content in Confluence. It bundles the switchable status sets, image and video carousels, task reminders and inline task lists.