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Participants see their results after taking a quiz in a browser tab. Results are also displayed when they follow a quiz link after quiz completion. Confluence users can view the results of quizzes they took in user profile.

A quiz author can track results of all participants in the 'Quiz Results' section on a quiz page.


Refer to Documentation to learn more about tracking quiz results.

You can a look at this report on the April Fool's Day quiz page.

When someone starts a quiz, the status changes to 'Started' and then to 'Completed' when a quiz is done with 'Passed' or 'Failed' result, score and time spent.


What to do next?

In addition to general quiz results, a quiz author can view participants' answers and review answers to free text questions. Click the button below to learn more about it, or find out how you can summarize and visualize quiz results.

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