Table Filter and Charts for Confluence app allows you to filter the data presented in tables. Data filtration can be applied to one or several columns at a time. Just paste your table into the Table Filter macro and set the required columns for filtration. Besides table data filtration you can create dynamic charts and generate a pivot table with summarized and aggregated values with the capability to manage their settings while viewing Confluence pages.

Please select the macro you want to master and proceed to the corresponding page for training.

Table Filter

Table Filter macro allows you to filter any type of table data with the available set of filters. Different types of filters can help you filter records listings, financial reports, tables containing dates and media assets.

Chart from Table

Chart from Table macro allows you to create dynamic and visually appealing charts on Confluence. A variety of avalable charts types can help you present your table in the way you want and like.

Pivot Table

Pivot Table macro allows you to summarize your data or aggregate it against the specific parameter. It can help you to cope with the tables containing repeated values so you can quickly count, sum or get the average, minimal or maximal values for a specific parameter.

Table Transformer

Table Transformer macro allows you to merge and transform all kinds of tables using both automatic presets and advanced SQL queries.

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