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Since release of Table Filter and Charts 3.1.0 you can add filters while working with the table in the page view mode. Besides adding filters, you can remove them from the filtration pane, change order of filters of the same type, save default values and regulate width of filter boxes. All the filter modifications can be saved in the macro body at once with no necessity to edit the page and the macro itself.


 See how to add filters...


 See how to remove filters and change their order...
 See how to save default values and regulate width of filter boxes...

Managing Filters in the Page View Mode

Use Hint

Try to add different types of filters for the table below and then try to manage the newly added filters while viewing the page.

If you experience any problems, watch the screencasts above and get hints about the usage of this functionality.

Oops, it seems that you need to place a table or a macro generating a table within the Table Filter macro.

The table is being loaded. Please wait for a bit ...

First NameLast NameAgePositionCityDepartmentIncome ($)
JackAckerman27Project ManagerNew York CityDevelopment10,612.63


Anderson31Business AnalystSan DiegoBA and BI5,900.50
AlbanJacobs32Front-End DeveloperNew York CityDevelopment5,400.38
JordanJohnson26Front-End DeveloperNew York CityDevelopment7,745.38


Johason35Java DeveloperSan DiegoDevelopment10,453.00
JaneBates27Front-End DeveloperSan HoseDevelopment7,013.13
JoanBrandon25Back-End DeveloperSan HoseDevelopment7,406.00
PaulBrown22System DeveloperNew York CityDevelopment7,956.88
JacobJonsson45Product ManagerSan FranciscoDevelopment6,209.00
JadonJosephson37Marketing ManagerNew York CityMarketing9,776.50
JamesAcheson54Business Analyst LeadSan HoseBA and BI9,760.25
AlexBarret29Front-End DeveloperSan FranciscoDevelopment5,792.75
AlexisBradley32System DeveloperNew York CityDevelopment10,079.25
JosefBraune21Business AnalystSan FranciscoBA and BI8,026.63
JonathanBrent42Systems AnalystSan HoseDevelopment9,877.75
PatricioAccorso29Systems ArchitectSan FranciscoDevelopment8,834.00
PavelBrankovic35Database ArchitectSan DiegoDevelopment10,116.25
PascalJoossen33System DeveloperNew York CityDevelopment8,028.88
PatrickBronson27Front-End DeveloperSan DiegoDevelopment5,252.75
AlexanderBradley21Back-End DeveloperYorkstownDevelopment9,430.25


Brackston43System DeveloperSan FranciscoDevelopment10,505.38
JacquezAcquizaro44Product ManagerSan FranciscoDevelopment5,174.88
PacoAcquinto40Marketing ManagerSan DiegoMarketing7,683.63
AlanAcquilo24Project ManagerYorkstownDevelopment7,007.50
AlaniJohansson31Front-End DeveloperYorkstownDevelopment9,825.75
PadmaBattinson32System DeveloperSan DiegoDevelopment5,475.13
PageBrent41Business AnalystSan FranciscoBA and BI8,177.38
PatriciaBrowney34Systems AnalystYorkstownBA and BI7,109.13
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